Cenex Pump 24
451 S. Main St., Adams, WI  53910
Phone: 608-339-3626
Fax: 608-339-7068

Hours: Sunday – Thursday, 5:00 – 10:30
   Friday – Saturday, 5:00 – 11:00


Whether you are traveling far or near, you won’t go far without gasoline in your tank.  Cenex Pump 24 has the fuel you need to keep your vehicle running and the convenience items you need to satisfy needs.  With gasoline, diesel and E-85 and a “pay at the pump” feature we have the ability to service all of your fuel needs 24 hours a day.  Cenex Pump 24 has a wide assortment of convenience items, snack foods, beverages, gifts and more. Co-op members may purchase these items on account. With the added convenience of a McDonalds on-site, Cenex Pump 24 is Adams’ best bet for convenience.