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166 S. Main
Adams W 53910


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Quality products and good service make our customers part of our family. We established the Papas name out of honor to our fathers that spent their lives dedicated to putting people in need above their own; always doing right, even if it didn't seem like the smart choice at the time.

We start with the crust which is made fresh daily (never frozen) from some of the best wheat flour you can buy, the sauce from vine ripened Californian tomatoes, fresh garlic and spices.

adams papas pizza ingredients
  • Mushrooms - picked and delivered fresh from a farm minutes away.
  • Onions - grown on the farms that our own buy and employing people in the area.
  • Peppers - when in season from the same local farmers.
  • Italian sausage - made fresh with time tested family tradition from locally raised pork.

Above all we realize the importance of buying from people in the area, not just because of quality and freshness, but we consider these people our friends.


papas breadLetter

Alice and I had a chance to sample the 12 inch pizza for lunch the other day and it was fantastic! The taste and seasoning was perfect as well as the service. We will always make sure to stop at Papa's Pizza in Adams verytime we come to town!

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